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Unintended Consequences Documentary Project

June 25, 2012

By Matt Palmer

Yesterday, I read this article in The Globe and Mail, “The Environmentalists Case for Well Manicured Lawns” that got me thinking differently about my grass. The article challenges the assumptions that urban lawns are a waste, and tax on the environment.

A year and a half ago we moved to a new home. We felt downsizing a bit would be a good thing, we wanted to be closer to our children’s school so that they could eventually ride their bikes, something our oldest son now does, and we wanted a bigger yard.

And, we got a big yard, something that is hard to find in newer neighbourhoods. The extra yard space is great for two young boys and a big dog, but I was under the impression that large grass spaces were counter-productive ecologically. According to the Globe and Mail article:

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Welcome Massachusetts!!

I just wanted to drop a quick note to welcome Massachusetts to the Viridian service area.

If you live in Massachusetts and are interested in finding out more, click HERE

Enjoy your weekend!!


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Green vs Greenwash

So in my new venture, I have been looking around the web for news and info related to green and sustainable energy.

What I have found is that a lot of companies including chemical, pharmaceutical, brown energy, unhealthy food chains, and so on are trying to improve to a greener image by many different ways. A couple of examples; I have seen logo changes that resemble those used in green business and some are sponsoring green companies, products and projects.

I am wondering if these companies are trying to actually go green, or if they are just “jumping on the bandwagon” since being earth friendly and healthy has become so much more mainstream lately. 

Not trying to say anything negative about any specific company or brand, I will just say that I am sceptical about the intentions of these companies and will be proactively seeking the truth behind their new images and affiliations before I commit to using or endorsing their products and services.

Have a great day!

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Happy Eco-Monday!

Good morning all!!

  1. I am in a surprisingly optimistic mood this morning as I reflect on all the things that have happened in the last week.

  2. A few weeks ago I met a woman who I knew was going to become a good friend. I just felt it right away. We share a lot of the same core values about a healthy planet and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Through a conversation with her the other day, we now have a few new opportunities to explore together and I am looking forward to cultivating our relationship, both personally and professionally.
  3. I asked my long time friend and former boss to give me a recommendation on my LinkedIn profile and got the best one I could have imagined ever getting from anyone. It actually moved me to tears. Here is what he said; “Smart, competent, creative and loyal. Debbi Watson is the best employee I ever had. She was far more than a bookkeeper for Gallco. An administrator and first class assistant is how I think of her.
    Only the most extreme circumstances have forced our separation. Hire her if you can, but be forewarned. When I’m back on my feet, I’m coming after her and will pay top dollar to get her.”

  4. My new business cards came in the mail on Saturday. I am super excited to have a professional looking card to hand out to people I know to introduce my new venture. Like I stated previously, I am more of a back room operations type of worker, (stick me in a room with a computer and I’m happy) so striking up conversations with people about my new business makes me a little nervous. Even though it is basically just sharing something I believe in, which does make it easier, I guess I’m a little self-conscious that people won’t value what I have to say. #2 above makes me feel better about that. 

So in closing, I will say that I guess I woke up with a renewed faith in myself and my image. People that are meeting me now are seeing the real me. My inner environmentalist is closer to the surface than ever and my passion for making saving the planet my #1 goal, (right after creating a healthy, peaceful and loving environment for my family) is giving people a glimpse of a ‘new aura’ about me, which I believe will continue to grow as my impact on the environment is felt more.

P.S – While I was writing this post, I noticed that I received another recommendation on my LinkedIn profile from a former supervisor. Maybe my ‘value’ was always visible to others and I am just now starting to realize it. 

Thanks to everyone who believes in me and have a great day!! 🙂


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“CAN’T so I WON’T” or “I CAN and WILL?”

I was thinking today about how I just made this change to start promoting green energy, and I wondered why I hadn’t done it a long time ago.

I have known about renewable energy sources for a while now and have been tweeting and blogging like crazy about how fossil fuels are bad for us and the planet and that we need to get back to a simpler way of life with less impact on the environment.

I guess I thought that aside from my tweeting and blogging, I wasn’t in a position to ‘do’ anything tangible to make a difference. Reasons being;

  1. I thought green energy was more expensive, so with being perpetually broke, (currently unemployed) I figured I couldn’t afford it.
  2. I live in a glorified garden apartment (aka condo) so I can’t get solar panels on my roof.
  3. I can’t get an electric car because I would have nowhere to charge said vehicle at my aforementioned residence.

I was focusing on the CAN”T, not the CAN

I feel that a lightbulb has gone on over my head today, because, guess what?!?  I CAN!!!

I CAN make a difference, how?

  1. I CAN choose where my energy comes from. Contrary to my former belief, I CAN afford it. I just signed up the other day for a cheaper rate on green energy than I was getting from my old dirty energy provider.
  2. I CAN educate others that they CAN save money on greener energy as well.
  3. I CAN make some residual income while doing what I love, talking about saving the Earth’s natural resources and living a greener lifestyle.

So what are my goals? Well aside from winning the lottery and buying a 100% sustainable farm somewhere out in the middle of nowhere? I’ll tell ya;

  1. Show my daughter (she’s 5) that I CAN do whatever I set my mind to, creating a good role model for her.
  2. Educate as many people as I CAN on the benefits, potential savings, and potential earnings to be had by using and promoting green energy.
  3. Make enough money that I CAN work for myself doing something that has a HUGE meaning and IMPACT on the environment. (and eventually stop playing the lottery, lol)

 A very close friend of mine always told me, “There is no such thing as CAN”T. If you set your mind to it, you CAN. If you DON’T, it is because you WON’T.”

I will leave you now with the eternally true words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people CAN change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever HAS.”

Amen to that..

Peace 🙂

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